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Originally Posted by BackHome View Post
We have bigger needs and that problem stems from having tweeners.
now that's the lie of the year. we've made our LIVING by having tweeners.

what do you think Brent Barry was? he was a 6'7" PG/SG/SF
what do you think Bowen was defensively? he could guard 1-5 positions
what do you think Horry was? a 6'10" PF/SF who could guard 3-5, rebound, hit 3's, block shots, and do the little stuff

no our problem isn't that we have tweeners because in essence, we don't anymore. the problem is Pop is trying to make players INTO tweeners.

he tried to make SG Roger Mason into a PG
he tried to make Matt Bonner into a basketball player
he tried to make George Hill into a PG
he tried making RJ into a PF

the problem is we don't have tweeners, the problem is Pop tried to make players into tweeners when clearly it wasn't their strong point

Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
Funny. . . . . Last offseason it was Manu Ginobili who needed to be traded and was making more money, and was a big injury risk so we should trade him. So Now You Turn On Tony!
the only funny thing is that you thought i was for trading Manu for just about anything last year? lol i've always been on the Manu bandwagon, i've never really been on the Parker bandwagon. so if you mean by "you" everyone else, then yes you're right.
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