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Dang everyone is smoking the pipe today........Pass It Around!........Gee for the love of God please give up on Ian.. people fall in love with the most worhtless bench players....ex..Pop who had much better stats then Ian in the D-League was the talk on this board for months and what team is he playing for? Is he even in the NBA?

Don't won't to hurt Ians feelings he is a nice guy but he ia an athlete he is not a NBA player. HUGE DIFFERENCE! We have had him more then three freakin years enough with the "Potential Crap"! The world is full of people who have tons of "Potential" who are never going to end up doing anything.

As far as Tony I love Tony I just don't think that a shooting pg is worth that kind of money. You look at Rondo and Nash and they are averaging between 10 to 12 mill a year. So my question to you if you replayed this past season but you took out Rondo, Nash, and Parker out for the year which team would be impacted the most and which would be impacted the least? Thats how you should pay him....

I would be suprised if Tony does not come out wanting something close to the 15 mill and we just can't have that amount of money tied up in a SG/PG.

We have bigger needs and that problem stems from having tweeners.

1. Hill a small sg and not a pg who I agree he got to big for his breaches and got spanked and put in time out by Nash. I still love the kid though.

2. I love Blair but he is small and slow and is a matchup problem for some of the more elite teams we will face. Also with his knees he will be played like an old veteran.

Needs for 2010 season in order:

1. Sign Splitter - We have had Bonner as our center anyone bigger then 6'9 is a Huge upgrade at that position! People complain and about him the same way they did about Manu, and Scola so I guess we should still listen to them?

2. We need a SF who can shoot the ball and play smart...the opposite of Jefferson.

3. Our bench needs to upgraded and developed so give playing time early to Temple, Hairston, Gee and our new draft picks to see what they can do? Also bring in Victor and Nando and lets see what they can do. Oh, since the Euro is going to **** in a handbasket look at some of seasoned Euro vets who might want to come over and see if they would be a good fit for us.

4. Bogans is gone so replace him with someone who is young, athletic, tough, smart, good foot speed, and passing skills. He can learn in time to hit the three from the outside.

5. Replace Mason with either of the guys from number 3.

6. If we sign Babbitt then Bonner is gone if not he might be traded.

7. Our bench should have a new true pg, and a new PF/C

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