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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Soooo people are ok with giving Manu 13 million per year, after he had two injury plaqued seasons and was technically injured this playoffs and wasn't worth squat after the broken nose? Please, Tony is at least worth what Manu got. And this was his most injury plaqued season since he got into the NBA.
Manu's contract is back loaded, meaning he'll get more later. next year he's getting $11 million, then $13 million, which technically helps the Spurs because once the contract gets older (as Manu), he could be good trade bait with a big deal (like RJ is right now).

no way to compare Tony and Manu though, although i would pay Manu more than Tony for numerous reasons:

Manu makes everyone better and everyone enjoys playing alongside him because he moves the ball

Manu is much more versatile than Parker. he's basically a PG in a SG's body at this point in his career

Manu overall players better D than Parker. Parker's D consists of his O because he wears his opponents out

that's basketball, also Manu is a much smarter investment marketing wise. San Antonio is behind Manu, loads more than SA's ever been behind Parker. basically, Manu brings in more money than Parker would.
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