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Originally Posted by Bryhn View Post
Too much money for Parker

And maybe I'm the only one, but Splitter is not what we need. He's a really a little more athletic version of Rasho. I fail to see how he would have helped in the Phoenix series. MLE money? I say we trade his rights. I bet Mahinmi could be just as good and for cheaper.
i agree about Parker, but i think Splitter (if he's any decent as Rasho was) wouldn't be our missing key but he'd be some of what's missing. we're missing someone who can help defend the paint. Duncan's worn down trying to defend the paint by himself when Bonner's in there the past 2 years and Dice wore out during the Mavs series, so he didn't do much in the PHX series.

the big is what we need basically because we scored 95+ points in the playoffs, so offense isn't the problem. we just couldn't stop anyone.
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