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what i would like to see happen (doable but dont think it will happen)
resign Ian, temple,gee, hairston(pick up contract by deadline)
sign spliter, outlaw, dorell wright
release bonner, mason, bogans

Ian (its time for him to show what he has and it needs to be done by trade deadline)
(winner of wright, jefferson, outlaw)

(another one of 3)

pine riders
last of 3
hairston (he can fight with other 3 but might not beat them out)

D league
Splitter (get him some pt in spurs system and see what he has in spurs system)
Gee keeps him in the system and still gets him pt i think hell be good also.

the main bench players would be manu and dyess as well as other of 3 competing)

if Ian doesnt work out which i think he will then you still have dyess who can start as well as splitter who you could call up. outlaw and wright have also played PF so they could do that in a smaller lineup (takeing bonners place but better rebounders and better defenders)

manu hill parker and winner of battle of 3 could play most of min at 123. temple would still give us a solid backup pg if tony got hurt or we had a blowout. blair will also be on the bench and get some pt as tim and dyess will need more rest.

if Ian looks to be real (which i think he will) then you can trade dyess by deadline as well as possibly RJ and free up room for eitherspliter or gee to come up.

i would like to see RJ moved but i dont think he will be.

This would give us a taler lineup with more defense. only people that would be short for their position would be blair and hill. outlaw and wright would be short if the played PF but even outlaw is 6'9" sp he snt that short. while still giving us the speed.
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