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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post

Offer Tony a 5 year 75 million dollar extension

Sigh Splitter to the full mid-level exception

**sidenote** An Israely friend of mine is a huge fan of Euroball (especially Maccabi). Last year he wasn't much impressed with Splitter. He said splitter was to soft. This year, however, he thinks Splitter is a lot tougher and stronger, especially in rebounding...

Don't trade Jefferson. If Jefferson finds his role this year, we should re-sign him.



That is all I think we need to do.

I may be but we haven't had Tony and Manu healthy at the same time since 2007. I think we can win it next year if we can all stay healthy.
i agree with having Manu & Tony healthy = title if everyone else plays their role on O and D, but overall that whole deal is a mess.

$15 million is $2 million under the maximum contract under the new CBA ain't it? Parker's good, but he's not worth more than $10 if he doesn't get some speed back and pass more.

i'd re-sign RJ in a heartbeat if he took MLE money, of course there's gonna be someone out there who'll offer him way over. but not trading him if we have the chance for someone really decent or really good, he's on his way out. with RJ's $15 million, we can get at least 2 long contracted players for his expiring deal. 2 good players would help us tremendously (especially if it's a big and a small in a package). like i've said, if we can pry away a big like Biedrins and Maggette from Golden State for RJ and someone else, that'd be tremendous for us. even putting in Hill in that RJ package would be good. this postseason has killed any faith i had in him to improve and i hope he cuts the "i've matured" trash this year.

Splitter is getting the full MLE if he's coming, so that's a no brainer.

concerning the draft, i wouldn't be surprised if we give up the pick in a trade. i don't think the Spurs have the patience for another Blair/Hill experiment with TD getting one year older and his knee getting worse
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