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Keep Tony, Bring over Splitter, DRAFT WHITESIDE!


Offer Tony a 5 year 75 million dollar extension

Sigh Splitter to the full mid-level exception

**sidenote** An Israely friend of mine is a huge fan of Euroball (especially Maccabi). Last year he wasn't much impressed with Splitter. He said splitter was to soft. This year, however, he thinks Splitter is a lot tougher and stronger, especially in rebounding...

Don't trade Jefferson. If Jefferson finds his role this year, we should re-sign him.



That is all I think we need to do.

I may be but we haven't had Tony and Manu healthy at the same time since 2007. I think we can win it next year if we can all stay healthy.
I am never coming back to SpursReport because TimmyDthaWay2B is a horses ass.

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