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Originally Posted by Dulce View Post
What is the % rate for this?

Some are as high as 35%. That's what you have to watch out for.
Ok Thanks! I told him that! This is the major thing the % is pretty high! Not only that particular one mentioned but similar other cards. And after calling on those he found out that they only give him low balance to start and they charge fee every month and they take so long to raise the

Originally Posted by lena1102 View Post
A friend of mine used that particular card and is in another big mess. Astronomical rates!
Thanks for the feed back! Dam those companies they make tons of highway robbery rates....Surprised some people use them....

The only reason my friend needed it was to reserve a car for rent while he is in Puerto Rico as he will go on business trips...I guess he will need to find another way to get his car reserved.
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