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Pacquiao test negative for Steroids

Manny Pacquiao tests negative for steroids and other drugs

Dr. Oscar Molina a Texas boxing commission and certified ring physician reported in an article by Dr. Recto of that Filipino boxing icon, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao took two urine samples on March 13, 2010 the day of his fight with Joshua Clottey at Cowboys Stadium in Texas and tested clean.

Pacquiao gave a urine sample right before his March 13th HBO Pay-per-per-view fight and one immediately after his unanimous decision victory over Joshua Clottey and both urine samples were clean and clear of any steroids or illegal performance enhancing drugs.

Pacquiao is not only clean but in great health and condition, passing the pre-fight physical with flying colors. During the pre-fight physical examination for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey fight at Dallas Cowboy stadium in Dallas, Texas, the ring physician took Pacquiao’s vital signs and his Blood Pressure was – 116/64 and he had a resting Heart Rate of 43 BPM (beats-per-minute).

Floyd Mayweather Jr. demanded Pacquiao submit himself to stringent Olympic USADA drug testing before their proposed match up, but Pacquiao refused to give blood too close to the fight, stating that it will weaken him in the fight. Mayweather’s father Floyd Sr. and uncle Roger Mayweather have both been outspoken with their accusations that the Filipino 7-weight division champion is on some type of steroids or performance enhancing drugs, like A-side meth and growth hormones.
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