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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
if Hill is healthy by then and we beat the Mavs of course, i think Hill is a better option for Nash than Bowen ever was.

mainly because we'd have a SF switch to a PG, which meant our PG guarding their SF or SG depending on defensive rotations.

now Hill is playing Nash position to position. imagine Hill and Bowen on the same team when Bowen was in his defensive prime? lol ah yes keep dreaming Jose

but i think Hill on Nash is a much better defensive matchup than Bowen/Nash for those reasons.
Except it was Bowen's physicality that hindered Nash. He would get his hand in there, shove him, bump him, and throw him off, which I loved. Hill doesn't have all those tricks up his sleeve.
Lest we forget, in the biggest NBA game of the last decade, the Spurs handled the Pistons in the type of game that Detroit is supposedly built for. In deciding games between San Antonio and Detroit, the Spurs are 1-0, and the Pistons are 0-1.
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