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Loving Hairston's Development

I know tonight was a BLOW OUT victory in every sense of the word BUT...

I'm absolutely loving Malik Hairston in the past couple of weeks now that he's been getting some playing time.

He brings enthusiasm into the game and gives us another athletic slasher on the offensive end. He ATTACKS the rim with reckless abandonment and goes in there looking for contact. Malik plays the way that we expected RJ to play from the very get go (I'm glad RJ is starting to do that now).

But most importantly, Malik brings INTENSITY to the defensive end as well and that's the difference between him and RJ right now. If you observe the effort Malik puts out there on the way he tries to fight over screens and run out on the shooters, you can tell he's really going at 100% every time he steps foot on the court. And THAT attitude is getting infectious with the team, we are seeing a better effort on the defensive end, which is producing more opportunities on the offensive end.

Not bashing on RJ either. Jefferson has been bringing the effort as we head down the stretch run here and it seems like he's finally figuring out his role, which is great to see.

Side note...

Timmy is shooting 50% the past 2 games, even after a 1 for 10 outing against the Magic.

1/10 + 8/8 = 9/18:applause:applause

didn't take him long to get back on track did it?

With Tony Parker going down, it might really have been a blessing in disguise.

1. Tony gets to rest his ankles, legs and hips.
2. Emergence of Hairston (continued improvement of Hill)
3. Manu's increased PT getting him in rhythm
4. RJ finding his groove (from possibly playing with Manu more?)

Now, i just wish Roger Mason could get himself going a bit with the extra time he's getting. His minutes are getting taken away by Hairston but deservedly so. I think that's why u saw Mason getting some extra burn during the Warriors game, although he never fully seemed to get his rhythm back.

Killer stretch coming up ahead... but if we could look at this stretch as the "Delayed Rodeo Trip" and get some momentum... I think we could possibly become the scariest team heading into the playoffs.

What a gauntlet... but I'd rather test the Spurs' meddle now and know what to expect from them going into the playoffs rather than play crappy teams down the stretch, get some false confidence and high expectations, then fall flat on our faces.

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