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I hear you, I certainly did not mean to turn this into a "spiritual" discussion. I ,for one, don't like to have it shoved down my throat either. I apologize.

The thing that is curious to me, is that with the data and conclusions (some, if not most, if not all) about climate change being "altered" to skew in the favor of those for massive overhaul, the "probative merits of the underlying science, data, or other evidence," seems suspect now. It's hard for me to just agree that we are killing ourselves, and the planet.

Again, let's do something to make this a more pleasant place to live, but lets not get carried away and throw UBER $$$ like we wasted on the war in Iraq. Or FORCE us (Americans) to go along with something that might not be accurate (before I get comments, yes, I know we were all FORCED to believe Hussein had WMDs, but hopefully, we learn from our mistakes).

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