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Lee Jenkins: From rehab to the Super Bowl, the unlikely story of Anthony Hargrove

NEW ORLEANS -- Saints defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove keeps the reinstatement letter hanging from his locker, so when he dresses for practice each afternoon, the commissioner's signature hovers just above his right shoulder. "I see it," Hargrove said, "even when I'm not looking." The letter reminds him of the drug tests he failed, sure, and the 13 months he spent in rehab, of course. It reminds him of the friends he made in AA, the confessionals he sent to every team in the league, and the cab rides he hitched to training camp once a GM finally gave him a call. But more than that, the letter is a symbol of his whole unfathomable odyssey, from an apartment building in Brooklyn that burned down when he was 5 all the way to the Super Bowl in Miami.

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