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Originally Posted by Birn View Post
I'm not rich but what you said was incredibly stupid. We didn't just happen to be the country that was targeted. The terrorists have hated America for many years. Has nothing to do with Bush. This has been going on for several decades, pal.

I would suggest that you get educated a little and investigate the facts. You talk like a little child who has no clue about what's really going on with our country.
Bush alienated the US from other countries. if you didn't agree with the war on Iraq (which was about greed, oil, and NOTHING to do with 9/11) you were our enemy. that was the problem. "you're either with us or against us" and shoving his false view of christianity down people's throats because he thought he was carrying out God's will by launching a phony war, getting us in debt, and killing our troops for a war that should have never happened is why Bush is looked down on, not only by us, but by the world.

you sound like you're getting your stuff from FOX news, which isn't news at all. they're bias to the extreme. guys like Glenn Beck are what's wrong with this country. these are the same guys attacking Obama for doing right, stuff that Bush didn't do.

what about after 9/11 with that shoe bomber before X-Mas? it took Bush 6 days or so to make an announcement, only took Obama around 2-3 days to make an announcement about the most recent X-Mas attempt and these guys are killing him for that but love that Bush took so long. hypocrital!

what about Katrina and Haiti? how long did it take Bush to send help to New Orleans? around a week or so right? now Obama gets grilled because he sent help to Haiti way too quick (from guys like Limbaugh). i guess helping people who need it fast is a bad thing. hypocritical!

what about when the Fox News crew grilled Obama for inviting the "liberals" to the White House and not them? the good reason would be because it's all opinion and not news, but they attacked him for that. but of course they didn't mention that Bush only invited the Fox News people to the White House after 9/11 so they could air his propaganda on the war and did not invite the "liberal" media. hypocritical!

if Obama wasn't in this mess the Bush Administration did, there would be no arguing about Barack. we wouldn't have a poor economy, no stimulus packages, no federal debt, no nothing. but of course, for some reason, there's people out there who wouldn't mind having Bush again, you know, if you love not having money and sending your family to a war we shouldn't be in.
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