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Originally Posted by JTD View Post
9-11 was about power in the middle east. We just happened to be the country they targeted. Knock down the biggest guy and you show your power. Then Bush used it to start a war so oil companies and contractors (ie Bush and Cheney family business) could profit. I don't understand how anyone who is considered "middle" to "lower" class can support any republican. They only care about rich people. I'm pretty sure there are no rich people posting in this forum.:richb
I'm not rich but what you said was incredibly stupid. We didn't just happen to be the country that was targeted. The terrorists have hated America for many years. Has nothing to do with Bush. This has been going on for several decades, pal.

I would suggest that you get educated a little and investigate the facts. You talk like a little child who has no clue about what's really going on with our country.
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