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didn't want to make a new post...
need advise.
i am in a fantasy bball keeper league (its like in its 7th or so year)

anyway, so its a keeper league, u gotta keep that in mind...

should i trade away
Chauncey freakin Billups for CDR (Chris Douglas Roberts)?

no right? crazy? is billups still gonna be strong next year, at 34 yo? is CDR gonna get any better?
CDR's pluses is that in yahoo, he is eligible at 3 positions, and, well, "potential" but i'm looking for benefits as early as by end of next season... will billups decline that fast (w/ ty lawson looking over his shoulder, playing great as a starter) and/or will CDR improve that fast?

i doubt CDR he will stay eligible at 3 positions for years to come, so i kinda think its crazy i'm even thinking it, but it intrigues me.

i've been top 4 in a 20 team league every season, but never been able to win teh championship? rebuild? special since some of my big guns are /were tmac and mike redd, who now are negligible...
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