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Originally Posted by jputnam98942 View Post
H1N1 is a joke. People getting suckered into listening to the government/media to get the shot or nasal spray. Kind of funny that we don't hear much about it anymore. And when we do it's only about where you can get a shot. Tons of money wasted on crappy vaccines & Tamiflu (Only shortens the virus by a day). 200 million doses of vaccine ordered by the government to fight a so called pandemic. So after all the recalls & left over vaccines, can we get our money back? Much less, it'll be interesting to hear how much money was made on Tamiflu. Especially, when they raised the price of it. Price should have went down considering they have made so much Tamiflu this year. They made more this year than they have made in the 9 year history that they have been making it. Kind of crazy.
Seriously, when you can avert even one death from any type of flu by having a simple shot, you chose to complain about the profits made? And seriously, do you remember having the flu? Feels like being run over a truck. If I had a choice between an extra day suffering from the flu or shelling out $50, I'd shell out the money and be happy to keep the $ flowing to the company saving me a day of my life.

I'm not saying the govt should be buying vaccines (in fact, i don't like that idea), but if someone wants to protect themselves from the flu (and any flu can be deadly) at the cost of $40 a year, I say more power to them.

My company gave out free shots (both seasonal and swine) b/c is saves them so much in lost productivity from sick days due to the flu. Yeah, real "crappy" vaccine there. I imagine they do plenty of research on cost/benefit and still feel it's worth it.
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