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You're right WCJ, people shouldn't use comparisons to communism to protest against this healthcare bill. Instead they should call out Obama, who promised "change", but has approved "95%" of this bill, which is made up of Senator's and Representative's buying each other out (e.g. Nebraska medicare) and fighting over getting their BS loaded onto it. Why aren't you outraged at that? Are you not pissed that Nebraska gets a free ride on medicare simply because they were the last to vote for the bill? I'd think if you found public healthcare to be so important, you'd want that BS to be as far away as possible from it.

Secondly, the govt has no right telling a health insurance company who they have to cover (unless we're talking racial discrimination). They have no right deciding how much they can and cannot charge said person for coverage, or that they have to charge the same amount across the board. The govt has no right requiring someone to have mandatory health insurance (which is different than mandatory car insurance). That's like requiring them to have life insurance.

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