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Originally Posted by SupermanThree View Post
I haven't posted here in a while, but when I did I usually appreciated your willingness to spend time talking through issues at length, WCJ.

That said, I think this original post was always likely to backfire. Even without caption or comment the two images offer themselves for comparison. The idea of repetition present in the framing thread title ("A Little Bit of History Repeating...") strengthens the invitation to make this kind of comparison. And the obvious comparison is, unfortunately, that the use of the same anti-communist scare-mongering creates equivalence between both campaigns pictured. I would give you the benefit of the doubt that you meant to suggest intellectual(ly bankrupt) rather than moral(ly bankrupt) equivalence, but I can see why others might not, and would accuse your post of, metaphorically, holding up a "Healthcare Protesting is Racism" placard.

A picture can sometimes say as much as a thousand words, but often it can simply set loose a thousand monkeys into a roomful of typewriters.
Perfectly stated.

Point noted, and it's good to see you around here again. Happy 2010!
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