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The Bonus: NCAA's director of hoops officals attempts to clean up rough play

Before we advance too far into the current college basketball season, it's worth taking inventory of the mayhem from the last. To refresh your memory -- if not offend your sensibilities -- the record reflects that the sport's two best players, Blake Griffin of Oklahoma and Tyler Hansbrough of North Carolina, each sat out games with concussions. Purdue's Lewis Jackson missed time after Joe Krabbenhoft of Wisconsin flattened him with a flagrantly illegal screen that went unwhistled. In a mid-Feburary matchup that could have been staged by the Nutmeg State's own WWE, Connecticut center Hasheem Thabeet found himself flipped over the back of Pitt's DeJuan Blair, who by the end of that game could point to his own left eye, half swollen shut -- and whose war story equaled that of Louisville's Samardo Samuels, who had two teeth jarred loose against St. John's.

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