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Child's last wish...

I did not write this and double checked it with snopes. Just thought the generous souls of the SR could help this child.

Nathan Elfrink
2415 Taylor Blair Road
West Jefferson OH 43162
This is Nathan's address.

My long time childhood friend has a very special 7 year old son (Nathan) that is losing his battle with brain cancer and the family has made the decision to not pursue further treatment. This will be his last Christmas and he has one wish ~ to collect a million Christmas cards. Spoken like a true 7 year old boy. Though he may not collect a million, a lot to him will seem like a million. If you would like help make Nathan?s Christmas wish come true, please consider sending a card. I know this will mean a lot to him, as well as his family. Thanks and many blessing to you all. Stephanie J

Jeanette Gibbs RN

North Forsyth Middle School

3645 Coal Mountain Drive

Cumming, GA 30028

(770) 889-0743 ext 080107

(770) 888-1210 fax

source: Christmas Cards for Nathan Elfrink

No, I didn't write this. But please help.

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