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Originally Posted by Sith Lord View Post
I believe its pretty arrogant to think we can destroy the Earth.

It snowed in Texas this week. This was the earliest its snowed in Dallas that I can remember. That doesn't happen with global warming.

I DO believe that governments are conspiring to push global warming in order to get agenda's passed.

All that being said, I totally think we need to be better about how we use energy (solar, wind, etc). Recycling is a good thing.

But the history of climate on Earth is cyclical.


This site will show the average High and Low in Dallas, and we are below BOTH numbers.
Average Weather for Dallas, TX - Temperature and Precipitation

Not trying to cause an argument. I REALLY do think we as humans need to be better and more responsible for what we do to the Earth, but it is just as irresponsible and angering that the public is being forced into accepting policies based on "inaccurate*" data.

*-assuming the emails and data hacked proves to be correct.

Real quick: You do realize that Texas is not "the globe", right? The ocean temperatures have been rising consistent with data projections; sea levels have been rising at an alarming rate. Worse of all, ecosystems are getting shifted in a manner that could VERY likely lead to food and/or water shortages in the immediate future. Snow in Dallas ain't even close to the issue.

As a case in point, I was in Costa Rica this past June-August with the UNHCR and the "rainy season" down there was the driest. Of all time. As in, instead of raining every day, there were literally dry WEEKS in some parts of the country. Great for tourism, right? Problem is, deforestation and depopulation of the RAINforests was already observable. Government officials (and conservationists) in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama were freaking out about the instant consequences, and the future impacts of further change.

You'd be shocked at how dependent US pharmaceuticals and other corporate sectors are on the survival and fitness of the tropical forests. Biodiversity is more than a cool thing--turns out, it's essential for our own survival.

Sure, climate change might be cyclical. No experts that I have seen or heard have argued against that; the question is one of exacerbation. To what extent has human emission/activity hastened those natural cyclical changes? It is demonstrable (given an undeniably limited and potentially faulty data set) that climate change has been occurring since the Earth began; however, not at the rate that it is occurring now. Period.

While you are absolutely right in that alternative energy production is a good and viable goal, we in the US need more than that to address this issue. We are the richest nation, and we are lagging behind as steward's of this planet. We need a paradigm shift such that we in the US appreciate just how imminent the problem is in the tropics and nearer to the poles.
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