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Pacquiao on HGH?

Roger Mayweather made a comment the other day that caught my attention. I know this guy allways runs his mouth and talks some major BS but he said that he thinks Pacman is taking HGH. In some ways it makes absolute sense. The guy has seemingly increased in size and power and hasnt lost any speed. From the time he lost to JMM Marquez(yes I said lost) hes gotten almost unaturally bigger. Look at JMM Marquez. He stepped up in wieght looked very small compared to Floyd and could never hurt him. Yet you see Pacman almost look equal to Cotto in sz. JMM knocked Pacman around the ring and yet when he went up in wieght Cotto could never hurt him. Granted all the fighters Pacman has seen at the heavier wieghts were allready past thier primes or a shell of thier former selfs(De La Hoya,Ricky Fatten,and Cotto) so it kinda expected. Consider also the fact that Pacmans main promoter is Bob Arum who promoted Mosely for his fights against De La Hoya and the second fight Mosely was investigated for his involvment with Balco of the whole Bonds HGH scam.Mosely passed his prefight drug test and so did Fernando Vargas and James Toney yet all were takers of a type of HGh. Just a thought.
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