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All the Best to an Old Co-Worker -- Chris Marrou

All the Best to an Old Co-Worker -- Chris Marrou
Reported by: Randy Beamer
Email: [email protected]
Last Update: 2:31 am

Generally in TV news, anything to do with a competing station qualifies as anything but news. The call letters and certainly the names of the competition are not to be spoken of, written, or even hinted at. Unless that mention would involve something negative, say an arrest or lawsuit.

I'm not sure, but I think someone in the Ron Burgundy era came up that unwritten rule, which unfortunately still rules most airwaves today.

But let's face it. Chris Marrou leaving KENS is a big deal in San Antonio. And as a former co-worker, I think I can get away with breaking the laws of local TV news this once and sincerely wish him the best.

Chris was nothing but gracious and patient with a young, goofy-looking, mustachioed, reporter-photographer-anchor when I worked at KENS for a number of years.

I was one of the many people lucky enough to work with Chris, Dan and Albert (and a bunch of others) back in the heyday of KENS and local TV news in the 1980's.
In those days KENS had Super Bowl-sized ratings every night.

It was a blast and watching Marrou was definitely a learning experience. I had worked at a couple of stations before that and with another anchor who was -- shall we say -- more Ted Baxter than you can imagine.

Marrou -- not at all. I was and still am very impressed with his natural ability to connect with people through the camera and the way he can just tell a story and have a great time on the set.

You also might expect that I should wish him well just for finally retiring and letting some of us competitors have a better shot at higher ratings -- but that would be tacky. And now that he's a lawyer, he might sue me.

And one last thing. Just for the record, I had no idea that WOAI was going to do anything on my mere 20 years at the station and would definitely rather it wouldn't have aired any time even close to Marrou's last night. But that wasn't my call and as it happens it was supposed to air the week before but Elsa was sick, then I was sick, so it wound up airing when it did.

Finally, it would be great to have the snarky, bitter, and hateful posters give it a rest just this once. Anchors have very thick skins and can take it, but sometimes their friends and family are hurt when their own Ron Burgundys get ripped.

Chris, all the best to you and Kathy and the twins. Enjoy life in the real world. Hope you can watch now.


All the Best to an Old Co-Worker -- Chris Marrou | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News

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