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Originally Posted by TheLadiesMike View Post
Dude, I have been a member of this board since I found it right after the 2003 championship so I don't know how I've been disappointing you for a decade. I don't waste a lot of time arguing on the internet, well, because it's wasting time arguing on the internet.

I, like most Americans, spent a few months before forming an opinion of how Obama would govern. He campaigned like a moderate but went too far left on major initiatives while exaggerating credit for all sorts of things (see: "saved and created" jobs) and blaming Bush constantly.

I saw him today complaining that we've been in Afghanistan without a strategy for 8 years. He was in the Senate for 4 (running for President for 2 of them) and has been President for 1. He called it a war of necessity. How does he not have a strategy in mind? In reality, this is just like the public option where's he stuck between satisfying the left and leading the country.
See? I know you have insight to share, man. It's just frustrating to me that you so often succumb to doing drive-by one-liners, especially since you've played politics for X years.

I'm not calling you out because I think you're a fool -- we've never had any shortage of them here, and I don't care how they come and go. I do it because you seem to shrug-off discussions in which you contribute, and you've done it for 6 years if not a decade. I just wonder : if you don't want to try to back up the things you post, why do you bother posting? Just saying, man. Defend your points more often. Otherwise you just seem like the dearly departed news-bot, posting BS with no reference. Happy thanksgiving
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