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Dude, I have been a member of this board since I found it right after the 2003 championship so I don't know how I've been disappointing you for a decade. I don't waste a lot of time arguing on the internet, well, because it's wasting time arguing on the internet.

I, like most Americans, spent a few months before forming an opinion of how Obama would govern. He campaigned like a moderate but went too far left on major initiatives while exaggerating credit for all sorts of things (see: "saved and created" jobs) and blaming Bush constantly.

I saw him today complaining that we've been in Afghanistan without a strategy for 8 years. He was in the Senate for 4 (running for President for 2 of them) and has been President for 1. He called it a war of necessity. How does he not have a strategy in mind? In reality, this is just like the public option where's he stuck between satisfying the left and leading the country.
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