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Originally Posted by obijon80 View Post
90% of the threads in this forum are started by leftists spitting out someone else's opinion and research instead of their own. I don't blame him at all for posting a short retort and getting the hell out of Dodge. If there's no effort on the part of the poster to formulate anything of their own in order to initiate a discussion, then why should anyone have to provide a full thesis in response to say that they disagree?
If you're responding to my calling out TLM, be aware I'm doing it as a response to his being lackadaisical with respect to defending ANY kind of comment he posts, not just "left-wing-generated" (pardon paraphrasing) from the past 4 years.

My beef goes back at least 8 yrs, during which time the left-wingers didn't even have the huevos to post here and this board was all FOX news BS from Dizz and TBNL. If you don't remember when this board was mostly right-wing, you were spending too much time where you ought to've: in the Spurs section.

I don't doubt TLM has great points to make, but in ALL these nearly 10 years posting here, I have YET to see the guy defend himself.

If that makes me an a-hole, so be it, but having spent more than a few hours here and there responding to people, it irritates me that the guy thinks he can breeze in and post something without corroboration as if it effin' matters.
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