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All of those people who say that President Obama has "dramatically" changed the opinion of the US around the world have No Idea what they are talking about. I would be suprised if any of them have ever even been to another country recently.

Most people around the world like Obama as our president, and as a person, but few have changed their attitude about the US as a country. This is reflected in several European and Asian polls.

Anecdotally, I have spent the last couple months in the Middle East, talking with British, Australian, Pakistani, Indian, and Saudi nationals. Dozens of people, and without exception they all express the exact sentiment that I just mentioned. They like Obama, but have no reason whatsoever yet to change their opinion of America as a nation. Its not our politics they object to, but our culture.

Don't listen to pundits who are spinning agendas. Talk to people for yourself.

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