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Originally Posted by TheLadiesMike View Post
10. The economy is a mess and his "have my cake and eat it to" policy is typical politics. Either he owns the economy or Bush does. Instead he takes credit and passes the blame. What a joke.
If it is his mess, he has certainly claimed responsibility by assuming a leadership role in fixing it. And if you look at the trend since his election and inauguration, he has been doing a much better job than Bush did.

9. Another have your cake and eat it too claim.
See #10.

8. Sounds like a Mission Accomplished banner moment. Until the industry changes, it will be a mess. All Obama did was illegally payback union supporters.
What do you mean illegally? And what is wrong with supporting a union? Why is this a mission accomplished moment? Unlike Bush, who declared a victory, Obama saved the auto industry. As in, the saving already happened. Had Obama not intervened, the auto industry would have folded. Does that mean the auto industry will never fold? No.

Contrast that from declaring victory in Iraq (even though the only discernible objective was to find and destroy WMDs, which were neither found nor destroyed), which had not (and as a matter of fact, never) happened. And Obama did not fly to Detroit for a photo-op, either.

7. Shifted the focus to Afghanistan and is in the 10th month of deciding whether to win or surrender. Way to go.
Let's review. He inherited TWO wars. One of which (Iraq) made no sense in light of the events. The other (Afghanistan) makes sense in light of the events (the Taliban is friendly to Al-Qaeda, who planned and carried out the attacks of 9/11/01). Obama did not cause the Taliban to restructure and regain power. So it appears you, (and, by extension, conservative critics) are the one who is trying to have his cake and eat it, too. One one hand, if Obama pulls out, that would be irresponsible in light of his responsibilities as Commander-In-Chief and the facts on the ground as reported by the officers who are there, who report to the same Secretary of Defense that they did under Bush. And this irresponsibility would certainly br criticized to no end by the conservatives. On the other hand, if Obama carries out these responsibilities in light of the facts on the ground, that does push back the date upon which the troops should be pulled out. And this pushing back of that date would also be criticized to no end by the conservatives. Because changing one's mind makes one a "flip flopper," regardless of whether the change is logical in light of changed facts.

6. Yeah, Muslims have been showing the love at Ft. Hood. They don't hate us anymore, we clicked our heels in Cairo.
You look at the tragedy at Ft. Hood and think of terrorism. Was that also your reaction to the events in Littleton in 1999? Or was that different because the gunmen were white males? Maj. Hasan is a US citizen. What he did may or may not have been any more "Anti-American" as what Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did in 1999, or what Cho Seung-Hui did 2007. We know he was a very disturbed man. We also know that he'd been treated like sh*t by other soldiers. I'm not saying that excuses his horrendous actions. But that does make this much less of an internationalized act. If this had been a white, black, or Latino guy who'd gone postal on his workplace, do you think conservatives like yourself would internationalize the tragedy? I highly doubt it. Just because Maj. Hasan is a Muslim doesn't mean that what he did was sanctioned by or in any way reflects what the Muslim World abroad thinks of the U.S.

So let's not turn this tragedy into more than what it was.

If you give any credence at all to facts, then you must acknowledge that the world is MUCH happier with Obama behind the wheel than it ever was with Bush.

5. Seriously? It's still open.
Yes, but Obama has plans to close it. Before closing it, he has to figure out what to do with the detainees, which requires a lot of logistical and legal work. Compare that to what Bush did (opened it, kept it open, let unspeakable violations of international law happen there, with no plans to close it).

4. Cap and trade is about government control and has nothing to do with the environment. Another "green job" myth, too.
Cap and trade has everything to do with the environment. Are you serious? It's a program that creates incentives (where before there were none) for polluters to find ways to pollute less and for the polluters who pollute less to profit (by selling credits) off of polluters who pollute more (who must buy credits). By creating an incentive to pollute less, cap and trade impacts the environment in a positive way.

"Green Jobs" are not a myth, either. Just go to Stillwater and ask T. Boone.

3. He's so popular! I love how charter schools are a "new idea" yet some of us have been advocating to create them for years. One of Obama's first decisions was to end school choice in DC and send poor black kids back to failing public schools while he sent his kids to nice private schools. Once again, he chose campaign contributing unions over the people.
If the idea wasn't new, then when were they ever shown the kind of support that Obama has shown? What president has ever shown the kind of interest in education that Obama has shown? What president, for that matter, has ever done more than complain about teachers? Obama actually calls out the crappy parents who let their kids become crappy students who turn their schools into crappy schools. That's what I call honestly and it's refreshing.

"School Choice," btw, is stupid. Its a euphemism for a voucher system, which doesn't solve the problem at all. Taxpayers still have to pay for the "failing schools." And who decides who gets a voucher and who doesn't? And if everyone gets a voucher, does that mean that all the "good schools" have to take in all the students from "failing schools?" If so, doesn't that reduce the student/teacher ratio AND put a bunch of teachers and administrators from "failing schools" on unemployment? Who do you think will hire these teachers? Probably the same schools that are now bursting at the seams with the voucher students.

So then you end up with the teachers from the "failing schools" teaching the students from the "failing schools" but they're doing it in buildings that were once "good schools." It's nothing more than a shell game and it makes no sense. Solve the real problem.

2. Obama is on the verge of spending trillions that will do little to extend coverage while doing nothing to reduce costs. This will be an absolut disaster.
Trillions? Really? Your numbers are laughably inaccurate, as is your claim that it will "do little" (and if it does end up "doing little," whose fault do you think that will be? Let's not forget that he can only sign what Congress puts on his desk, and if it "does little," is that the bill that he has fought for? You can't have it both ways.)

1. Wherever he's trying to lead nobody's following.
Nobody's following. Except, of course, for the record turnout of voters and the millions who have stayed connected after the campaign to fight for universal healthcare. And that Nobel committee.
--AT&T Center, 5/9/2006
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