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10. The economy is a mess and his "have my cake and eat it to" policy is typical politics. Either he owns the economy or Bush does. Instead he takes credit and passes the blame. What a joke.

9. Another have your cake and eat it too claim.

8. Sounds like a Mission Accomplished banner moment. Until the industry changes, it will be a mess. All Obama did was illegally payback union supporters.

7. Shifted the focus to Afghanistan and is in the 10th month of deciding whether to win or surrender. Way to go.

6. Yeah, Muslims have been showing the love at Ft. Hood. They don't hate us anymore, we clicked our heels in Cairo.

5. Seriously? It's still open.

4. Cap and trade is about government control and has nothing to do with the environment. Another "green job" myth, too.

3. He's so popular! I love how charter schools are a "new idea" yet some of us have been advocating to create them for years. One of Obama's first decisions was to end school choice in DC and send poor black kids back to failing public schools while he sent his kids to nice private schools. Once again, he chose campaign contributing unions over the people.

2. Obama is on the verge of spending trillions that will do little to extend coverage while doing nothing to reduce costs. This will be an absolut disaster.

1. Wherever he's trying to lead nobody's following.
Destiny rides again!
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