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Originally Posted by shelshor View Post
Let the families grieve in peace
Obbammie showing up with the White House press pool complete with photographers and asking family members if you can take pictures is a PHOTO OP
^^^ That's PRESIDENT "Obbaammie".

And look...I'm not going to waste a long response here (and believe me, it would be wasted), but it's not a photo-op where the families request that the media document the arrival of flag-draped coffins. Hell, until the media ban in 1991 it was COMMON PRACTICE for the sitting President to greet the transport carrying the fallen soldiers.

Many families might not realize that that flag sitting in the case above their mantle covered their son or daughter's body from the battlefield to the grave absent the pictures. We're at war. People are dying; families are losing members. We can't sanitize the effort and pretend like Iraq is without its very real consequences.

I say good on President "Obbaammie" for being there--as he SHOULD BE. I want the man making the decisions that could proximately lead to a soldier's death to be there in such an eventuality. I think it humbles the man, and reminds him of the great importance of the position that he is in.

A photo-op is something different...something that I can't quite define, but I'd know it when I see it.

...and shel, in case you weren't aware: That was an actor in the middle picture. Look it up. An actor as in, not a real fireman. If President Obama starts using "prop caskets", we're in the same ballpark.
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