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^^^Checked that math.

Assuming that only two punctuation marks are used throughout the letter, '.' and ',' along with 26 letters...that would be 10^7, which is 1:10,000,000 odds.

I think that Mr. Devlin got lazy and is off by the English letter usage frequency, as we can damn-near rule out 'z' and 'x' and a couple other letters.

Before we get all uptight, up-at-arms, and
uppity about Mr. Schwarzenegger's seemingly
singular indiscretion, we really ought to examine
the words and phrases in correspondence during his terms--the
entire body of the Governor's vetoes, and then weigh that
data in light in of the instant evidence.

Dare I say that I would not be surprised nor caught
unprepared if, in fact, the Governor
did do exactly what it seems as further
evidenced by his quick (and lame) denial.
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