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Originally Posted by George View Post
exactly what it feels like....
in one corner you have Limbaugh, Beck, Osama and the Taliban blasting and hating on the decision. We have Limbaugh and company bitter about it just because they want the president to fail for whatever reason.
And we have Osama and the Taliban hating the decision because they can't use the same techniques to have more countries hate on the U.S now with the world supporting Obama.
Can you believe it? we have terrorists and U.S citizens bashing the U.S President and hoping the U.S fails. Man talk about sad times.....

i dont think he deserved it at this time. and yeah he doesnt have a life's work of least not yet, but he is in the most important seat at the most critical time (not just the in the U.S but in the World).
and i think that had something to do with him winning the Nobel and im sure he realizes that...hence, his acceptance speech.
i know he will do a good job pointing the country and world in the right direction... disagreeing with the choice is ok but wishing for our country to Fail?

i will applaud any american who wins the Nobel (unless its a Mav or Faker )
Alright, I posted some articles in the hope that someone would take the torch and make a reasoned argument against Obama's receipt of the Prize from the right--and that never happened. Bleh. I'll be honest: SpursReport used to be a helluva lot more interesting to visit.

That said, here's my personal two cents (doin' y'alls job!):

The article nails the big picture at the expense of the trees.

Specifically, the article makes several points that I agree with. Namely, that the republican reaction on the part of Beck and Limbaugh is ridiculous. Those two efftards are idiots. Point blank, pure and simple. Come to think of it, most intelligent Americans of both parties probably agree with 'Gene on that point. Those wingnuts lining up behind Beck and Limbaugh should just set their foil hats permanently on "stupid."

While that is all well and good, the author goes on to say that the award is given as a recognition of Obama's change of the US foreign policy from Bush's unilateralism to a multinational approach. Cool. What change is he talking about, exactly?

Is Eugene talking about Obama's immediate toning down of the cowboy "with-us-or-'gainst-us" rhetoric? Because Obama has no doubt done this, and I commend him for it. That said, over the last nine months, (since Obama took office in late January), what does this Administration have to show its softer tone? From this armchair: Not much.... yet.

Let me be clear. I believe President Obama will be a very successful leader when its all said and done. I have little doubt that his cool, intellectual approach and analytical thoughtfulness will be recorded in the annals of history as exactly what we needed to 'get over' Bush & co.'s disasters. But Obama isn't there yet. A scant nine months into his presidency, let's consider some of his biggest campaign promises:
  • Getting out of Guatanamo: We're still there
  • Figuring out a better solution for the mess in Iraq: We're still there
  • Re-committing to the "war on terror" in the Afghanistan front: Obama still has not made a decision on this one
  • Overhauling US health care: Congress is still dancing with the lobbyists on this one
  • Overhauling US immigration policy: Nothing's been done yet
  • Allowing gays in the military: Nothing's been done yet
Now, to be fair, we ought to backburner all of that and argue that this prize is not about domestic achievements, but rather, is about a more squishy, nebulous, hard-to-define peace quality that Obama possesses.


The war on terror excepted, let's evaluate what has happened in peace around the world in the last 9 months:
  • Israel continues to build new settlements in Gaza perpetuating the crisis there. Although Obama has told them to stop, they persist.
  • Somali pirates continue in much the same fashion as before. Granted, the mass media has not covered thier hijackings in a while, but the pirate activities--and the underlying economic motivations for the attacks--persist.
  • Darfur. Darfur. Darfur.
  • The conflict of the Sudan continues as it did before Obama took office.
  • North Korea still has Uranium enrichment programs, and a well-exercised middle finger. They're making nukes. They recently said they are willing to enter 6-party talks. this remains to be seen...but haven't actually done anything toward that end.
  • Iran continues to explore and expand its nuclear program. We recently discovered another secret facility to enrich uranium and nothing has been done to reprimand the country... either by Obama or by the UN.
  • Pakistan and India continue the same nuclear standoff they have been in for the last 20 years.
And on.

And on.

The point far as we know, President Obama has not stopped a single war, nor ended any of the modern genocides, nor even put forth serious, concrete policies that will lead to the solutions to any of these problems. Yeah, these are huge things for a person to accomplish, but this is the most prestigious award in the world for crying out loud. The Nobel PEACE Prize. Not the Nobel Most Likely to Succeed Prize.

Obama gives great, spell-binding, phenomenal speeches that in many ways reassure a jaded and suspicious world that the US is not simply a bully; that reassures the world that we are all in this together. Beyond the power of his golden tongue, Obama has done little to promote peace in this world as of this moment.

Does Obama deserve the award right now? No.

Does Obama deserve the award in three more years when we've won the war in Afghanistan or (dare i dream) come to a peace agreement in Israel? Absolutely.

Let's just wait till he's done something to deserve it before giving it to him.

The fact that Republican critics are double-effing idiots does absolutely nothing to make Obama deserve the award more. One minor qualification. If Obama found a way to shut up Glenn Beck and that Oxy'd up sack of farts Limbaugh, then I would personally present an award and draft a $1.4M check over to Mr. Obama myself...postdated, of course.

If you are skimming this post, then just read this: Obama was nominated for the Peace Prize less than 2 weeks after taking the oath of office. I voted for Obama; I donated to his campaign; I support his efforts to date as our President; I fail to see how anything he did as a senator from Illinois promoted world peace.

Hell, from the moment he became a senator he did little more than run for President. and his Presidency simply does not have the pedigree that deserves the award. If we are going to give him the award simply because he is "not Bush" (as the article heavily insinuates), then it cheapens the award. I'm not mad at Obama for accepting it - he should have.

I'm just incredibly disappointed that it was given to the President before he earned it. where's Elchiv when you need him?
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