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Originally Posted by WhiteChocolateJr View Post

Obama's High Bar

Somebody explain this to me: The president of the United States wins the Nobel Peace Prize and Rush Limbaugh joins with the Taliban in bitterly denouncing the award? Glenn Beck has a conniption fit and demands that the president not accept what may be the world's most prestigious honor? The Republican National Committee issues a statement sarcastically mocking our nation's leader -- elected, you will recall, by a healthy majority -- as unworthy of such recognition?

Why, oh why, do conservatives hate America so? [/b]
exactly what it feels like....
in one corner you have Limbaugh, Beck, Osama and the Taliban blasting and hating on the decision. We have Limbaugh and company bitter about it just because they want the president to fail for whatever reason.
And we have Osama and the Taliban hating the decision because they can't use the same techniques to have more countries hate on the U.S now with the world supporting Obama.
Can you believe it? we have terrorists and U.S citizens bashing the U.S President and hoping the U.S fails. Man talk about sad times.....

i dont think he deserved it at this time. and yeah he doesnt have a life's work of least not yet, but he is in the most important seat at the most critical time (not just the in the U.S but in the World).
and i think that had something to do with him winning the Nobel and im sure he realizes that...hence, his acceptance speech.
i know he will do a good job pointing the country and world in the right direction... disagreeing with the choice is ok but wishing for our country to Fail?

i will applaud any american who wins the Nobel (unless its a Mav or Faker )
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