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Originally Posted by jessi View Post
Absolutely true... But the thing is with this clip is that it is in a private institution. They have all the right in the world to do what they are doing here. This is something society has to deal with, this is not an issue where the government should take interest. In the case of the children in NJ singing about Obama that happened to take place in a public school. The difference is our tax dollars are paying for those teacher's wages.
Inasmuch as I agree with your contention that the use of tax dollars in the case of the public school teacher's case is probative, it's hardly dispositive.

The video clip of the NJ students showed the two short songs sung during Black History Month that were written specifically to celebrate the achievement of a black man--in America--who had just become the first African American president. The song included the President's full name (Barack Hussein Obama) as a refrain, and the lyrics "'Hello Mr. President, We honor you today/ For all your great accomplishments, we all do say hooray/ Hooray, Mr. President you are No. 1/ The first black American to lead this nation.'"

The "Jesus Camp" video takes place at a private institution and shows a group-prayer being directed to as well as for George W. Bush. In addition, the young attendees are directed by an adult on the stage to give adulation and praise to the cardboard likeness of the former President.

If the issue is one of tax dollars being misspent on political ideologies being taught in the classroom, then let's talk about that issue: That a potentially inappropriate lesson was taught to young students. However, if the issue is instead about our "impressionable" children being "brainwashed" into "worshiping" Obama as FoxNews has been characterizing the event, then the two instance are more directly analogous than a focus on the distinction between the two tends to show.
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