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Originally Posted by maurice13 View Post
To the US? The country with one of the most expensive and yet poorest quality of health care among developed countries? I'm not talking about a health care system, I'm talking about the quality of treatment.

US Health System Ranks Last Compared to Other Countries: Studies |
No one would argue that the US doesn't have quality health care available; the debate is typically centered on access to that health care. Look at the life expectancy gap between the top echelon of society and the lower tier. Sure, the US has some of the best and highest technology in healthcare this planet has ever seen. The problem? Too many Americans just flat-out can't afford--and therefore, miss out on--that high quality medicine.'s a safe assumption that the medical tourists referenced above didn't enter the US by walking across the border at night; it's much more likely that they were on a first-class flight.
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