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Good points here, but don't misunderstand one of the mistakes that Moore made with his initial premise. Democracy and Capitalism are not competing ideologies. Democracy is a political system, and capitalism is an economic system. You can have both together, or one without the other, or neither. Capitalism does not necessarily make a democracy better, but Democracy most certainly makes Capitalism work better. Any basic college economics course or political science course can clear up these confusions.

These kind of elementary and ignorant conceptual errors are among the reasons that I dislike Moore. Worse are his various and numerous ineptitues with statistics.

Even though I admire his fundamental motivation to expose what he believes are dangers or inequities in our society, (and the quality entertainment factor of his movies) most of the time he's in over his head and ends up mangifying a small part of the issue into disproportionate importance.

He's a good filmmaker, but not a particularly well educated or skilled economist, scientist, or lawyer.

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