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Originally Posted by Bryhn View Post
Because universal health care leaves no alternative. You don't have to send your child to public school. Universal health care will be the end of private pay, which is why people from those other countries come here for treatment. Those countries may not be there yet, but they are closer to it.

Universal health care is not what this country is about, and to compare it to education and police force is rediculous. We are talking about insurance not health care. Everyone gets healthcare already, so why add to the expense? Why make the middle class pay even more than they already do? Universal health care is a giant leap toward socialism, so you keep laughing and we'll see how happy you are when your 70 years old and you're not going to get treated like dear old Ted. Make no mistake health care will most likely be rationed and quality of care will be reduced.

What's up with the declarative statements? The USA is about adapting to the needs and desires of its polity, while remaining consistent with its constitution. Given that enough people are interested in some sort of nationalized health care to bring it to the table, I'd say it's perfectly American -- even if you disagree with the notion.

As far as the loss of choice... straw man. Health insurers aren't going anywhere, they'll just be forced to offer more specialized products. As you say: nobody forces you to go to public school in this country. Well, nobody will force you to accept nationalized health insurance if you'd rather keep your policy. Unlike education, however, you won't be taxed for it whether you use it or not: the plan appears to be that those who use it will pay for it.

As far as people from other countries coming here to use our hospitals, you neglect to add that those that do are rich and can afford to go to the best clinics and doctors in the world, not Average Joes like you and I. By and large, socialized medicine in the countries I listed has been an unqualified success.

As far as "making the middle class pay more," I'm not buying it, Brhyn. You and I both already pay for the uninsured folks who use emergency rooms in taxes and inflated premiums. Add to that immense, inefficient bureacracies and ridiculous executive salaries. If the private health insurance companies offer such a better product, they shouldn't be afraid to compete against it in the free market -- my guess is they can't and they know it.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but really all you appear to have are unsubstantiated declarations of this dystopian future tha will happen if something like a public option were to come to be. Where are your arguments? If you think comparing UH with other socialistic amenities of American life is ridiculous, back up your argument. I happen to not see why such comparisons are out of bounds.
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