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even with the bad game he had he still made up for it and gave the kowboys the lead with 3 mins to go in the game. He more than made up for it. But it all gets lost in translation because they lost. I didnt see him out there getting shredded up by Eli not being able to make a friggin stop or get to the QB which by the way it seems like the loss of Greg Ellis is hurting us more than anticipated. Bad game totally on Romo and co. not just him. True fans should stick by the guy and see how he fares. Last year he was hurt , the running game faltered at end and wayyy too many key injuries and distractions on that team. He'll get it right , just wish he would be Romo and do what he does best but just protect the ball. I'd rather much have him then Kitna start did you see the preseason and how many lost center-qb exchanges hes had???
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