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Baking Bananas with Jamie and Bobby by Paula Deen

If you like Paula Deen then you'll get a kick out of this:

Baking Bananas with Jamie and Bobby
Posted by Paula Deen

on Wednesday, September 16th at 12:48 PM

Hey y'all!

Jamie and Bobby came over to cook up a Banana recipe from their new book "The Deen Bros - Take It Easy". You can order it HERE. Having everyone in my kitchen was a dream. My boys turned into kids again and it was so much fun.

This week's dish, Bananas, really brings that out. It’s a very Friendly family food, perfect for baking, easy to put into a variety of dishes. That was this week's challenge, to find the right dish to put Bananas in. Let's find out how you did the best!

Congrats to the winners of this week's ACTIVITY OF THE WEEK Challenge: Mandy H and Dustin Todd Rennells!

Love and Best Dishes,


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