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ABC's Gibson: ACORN Story May Be 'One You Leave to the Cables'

ABC's Gibson: ACORN Story May Be 'One You Leave to the Cables' - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

Is the ACORN scandal worthy of national broadcast news coverage? ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson suggested Tuesday that the answer is no.
The story has escalated in the past week as hidden-camera videos have been released showing workers at separate offices of ACORN — a nation community outreach group that receives millions in federal funding — appearing to advise a couple dressed as a pimp and prostitute how to skirt the law and set up a brothel.
But Gibson told a radio show Tuesday morning that he wasn't even familiar with the story — and it might be "just one you leave to the cables."
ABC reporter Jake Tapper has filed some reports on the scandal, and Gibson was asked on WLS Radio's "Don & Roma Show" what he thought of the story.
"I don't even know about it," Gibson said, laughing. "So you've got me at a loss. ... But my goodness, if it's got everything, including sleaziness in it, we should talk about it in the morning."
When one of the radio show's hosts described it as a "huge issue," Gibson said ABC had "done some stories about ACORN before, but this one I don't know about."
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Later Tuesday, ABC sought to clarifiy Gibson's comments: "He was aware of the general story and Jake's reporting on it but wasn't familiar with it as it was described to him on the radio this morning."

Is our defense that good? I think so. And the scary part is that the whole team seems to take a sadistic pride in shutting people down. What is Pop feeding them? They looked brainwashed out there, a single minded machine that just eats up their opponents. -----pjrfan

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