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I noticed you weren't brave enough to put your answer!!!
Really? You don't think we all know?

Strange how one accused "lie" is bigger than another, proven one. IOKIYAR?

So, that is suppose to justify it? It is not about republican vs. democrat. It is about truth. If you believe everything he said in that speech then you are no different. I am sick of lies all over the place from both sides. The only difference is you have very few sources that are going to call out the left compared to the right. Fox news and conservative media may show bias, but they don't blatantly ignore issues. Obama doesn't have to answer anything. Nobody is questioning him.

So the above reference makes it o.k.? BTW, what is IOKIYAR?
Is our defense that good? I think so. And the scary part is that the whole team seems to take a sadistic pride in shutting people down. What is Pop feeding them? They looked brainwashed out there, a single minded machine that just eats up their opponents. -----pjrfan
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