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Fiasco? Have you seen the sales numbers?
Unfortunately those numbers are probably from cars that might have been bought in later months. Fears are that new car purchases will be really bad in the coming months (I hope not, but that is the thought).. not to mention the negative impact cash for clunkers had on the used car market.

Also, all the sub-prime lending in 2005 has gone through the 2 year arms, 3 year arms, but has yet to reach the 5 year arms coming in 2010. Fears are that there will be another big set back in the economy.

Obama's biggest problem is spending. He's doing too much of it, as did Bush. I blame both of them, but Obama has taken it to another level. What this country should do is tighten our belts, suck it up and weather the storm. Unfortunately that doesn't please anybody, everyone thinks we should do "something".

BTW, for Obama to say that health care will be our biggest concern regarding the national debt and then want to expand the governments' role in it makes absolutely no sense. If Medicare is forecast to suck more money than projected as it has for decades, what makes him think that his "reform" will reduce that when his co-op, public option, or whatever they decide to call it will create an even bigger liability? It really doesn't make sense.
Is our defense that good? I think so. And the scary part is that the whole team seems to take a sadistic pride in shutting people down. What is Pop feeding them? They looked brainwashed out there, a single minded machine that just eats up their opponents. -----pjrfan
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