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I'll join the chorus of people who believe Moore is a manipulative blowhard, but I agree with WCJ that his redeeming attribute is as a creator of discussion. Just as it is premature to say Moore is an anti-capitalist (or condemn him a hypocrite for having had success in this country) before watching the film, so is it foolish to believe capitalism is without it's flaws.

If people would take the time to read Marx shorn of his cold war-inspired infamy, they'd find that Das Kapital is a brilliant and prescient criticism of unchecked capitalism which unfortunately happens to conclude with the naively utopian solution for which it is, alas, generally remembered. I love this country and its institutions profoundly, but to act as though it is flawless doesn't strike me as patriotic. We gathered to form "a more perfect Union," and that is a process, not an end.

As for the TARP, while the logic and spirit which led to it's passage is, IMO unassailably correct (the alternative would be for the entire country to suffer for the criminal indiscretions of bankers and insurers), its execution was seemingly as corrupt and botched as the situation which demanded it. If the result is a return to strict government regulation which shrinks and diversifies the corporations that crashed the economy, then it won't have been for naught. If all we're going to do is let these criminals off with a stern talking-to, then there is no question that Bush and Obama have done us and our children a grave injustice. Time will tell. Hopefully what is left of our journalistic core will keep us all informed enough to keep the pressure for regulation and transparency on the government agencies tasked with correcting the wrongs that led us to this place.
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