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Well don't take my support of Health Care Reform as a reason to think I support Moore over all; I only a week or two ago had a conversation about how I believe Capitalism is fundamentally a more revolutionary concept than Socialism, and has the entirety of support. My argument concerning HMOs has always been that they are using Nash equilibrium as opposed to typical market driven competition in order to maximize profits as opposed to drive down costs.

I do somewhat agree with the notion that certain companies are too big to fail; I don't have the entire economic grasp of it but there as so many attached businesses beyond the car makers, by which I mean the labor creating the components and such, not to mention the various shoot offs after the car reaches lot, etc. That to lose them all at once strikes me as what would have really tipped a depression. Maybe that is what needed to happen; but on the other hand the recession could also have been far more detrimental because of it.

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