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Ad offers 5 bags of dog food for each Vick tackle

Ad offers 5 bags of dog food for each Vick tackle
Updated: September 10, 2009, 2:39 PM EDT

The latest opportunity for Michael Vick to help dogs may be a huge issue for the Philadelphia Eagles.

In an ad that appeared in The Washington Post on Wednesday, Main Line Animal Rescue, a D.C.-based company, pledged to donate five bags of dog food to a D.C. animal shelter for every time the Redskins tackle Vick when the Eagles visit Washington on Oct. 26.

"I think we're all getting tired of the 'Does he deserve a second chance?' kind of thing," Bill Smith, founder and CEO of the shelter, told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I think we just need to raise public awareness, and this is a good way to do that. It may be funny. It may be clever. It may not."

Smith, who told the Inquirer he is skeptical of Vick's newfound concern for pets, said that "if he had any sense of humor at all" and wanted to help dogs, he could stand on the field before the Oct. 26 game and let players tackle him.

The ad also encouraged people to volunteer at a shelter on game day.

Vick who was signed by the Eagles last month after serving 18 months in prison for bankrolling a dogfighting ring, will be eligible to play in a regular season game beginning in Week 3.

Ad offers 5 bags of dog food for each Vick tackle - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN
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