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Alright, here are my "sleeper" picks for week 1. If you have these people ya might wanna give them a look this week.

QB- Matt Hassleback, He's playing at home against StL.....nuff'said
RB- Cedric Benson, he's going up against a horrible run def in Denver (worst run def last yr) and the Bengals actually have a decent O-line. Look for Benson to run all over Den this week.
WR- Eddie Royal, Den is going to be horrible this yr and be playing from behind a lot. Royal is Den primary WR and should an ample of rec yds during "garbage time"
TE- Dustin Keller, NYJ play Hou this weekend. Their secondary is really still a question mark. With Sanchez at the helm,look for him to target his sure handed TE
DEF- Sea, see explanation at QB
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