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I think he's totally on point, there has been for years now a total lack of leadership. No one is held accountable and Romo, and Wade are just merely figure heads. Can you seriously hope for the team to win when their training camp was dubbed, camp cup cake?

So now all the sudden Wade Phillips is going to command respect after years of having players walk all over him? Now Tony Romo is going to hold his line accountable after years of sub par playing?

On paper we have had the most talented teams in the League. And what beat us? Our own penalties, our offensive line killed all and any momentum for the past 3 seasons. And no one ever changed the mentality, no one was punished, because we are still committing unforced errors at such a rapid pace.

Now even the guys that should have obviously received the ax like stanback are on the roster because we are thin in our rotation.

How many Years has it been and the closest Romo has come to leading us to a playoff win was his botched field goal ?

Emmitt was a major part of a god damned dynasty, and he knows what it takes to be the best in the league.
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