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Well I wouldn't conflate conservative or Christian with approval of mega churches WC. I'm neither pro Hagee nore Pro Moore. I'm a raised Republican with two degrees and my msters coming down the pipe, a fully devoted servant of Christ with a long ministry history, and at the same time I voted Obama, am pro Health Reform, am not necessarily anti Socialist in terms of I believe some elements would help the system... and so on. I know you're not specifically addressing anybody and that it's hard to speak to a specific audience when on the internet we're pretty much winnowed to Conservative/Liberal, but I don't assume that because I feel you're liberal I think that means you embrace everything stereotypically associated with those elements. Neither do I make that association of Conservatives either.

You are right though, Moore has been at least somewhat generous with his earnings. As the movie the Watchmen tells us, life's more about the grays than the black and whites. Can't see a man through only one lens, and what a travesty if we only see them through their party affiliations.
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