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I'm not a Michael Moore fan--but I do appreciate his passion for getting overlooked and ignored issues out there, discussed, and noticed. Specifically, Moore spotlights the unpleasant issues that we don't like to talk about. Issues such as: is the government for sale? Are politicians merely inept, or are they corrupt? Is America concerned with its poorest citizens?

Sure, Moore is a disingenuous mope at best, and at worst, a sleazy, fat liar...but even at that, there are better "Capitalist Libs" more appropriate to poke at.

As much as he's been vilified, Moore is reportedly generous in private, has publically reached out to help a FHB with whom he politcally disagrees, and donates much of the proceeds from his documentaries to the cause upon which the movie is based.

In other words: He ain't preachin' what he isn't willing to practice himself.

(As a related aside: You do realize that Pastor John Hagee rails against the evils of greed and gluttony in his weekly mega-church address...and then sits back in his Dominion mega-mansion and collects his MILLIONS/year. At least Moore doesn't pretend to be a mouthpiece for anyone other than himself while raking in the bucks. And to preempt the tired argument: NO. Moore is not, was not, and never will be "the spokesperson" for the left. Michael Moore is a self-described "entertainer"--just like Glenn Beck is for the right. Period.)
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